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Fruit and Vegetable Sorters

  Our Fruit and Vegetable Sorters

When it comes to sorting produce we are proud to excel both fruit and vegetables. Our fruit and vegetable sorters are held to some of the highest standards in the industry. When it comes to sorting your produce, we take every aspect of your fruit and vegetables very seriously.


Our fruit and vegetable sorters can help you process your produce quicker and get it to your customers faster and in better condition. Our sorters are equipped with multiple cameras and can sort up to 15 pieces of produce per second per lane. Our equipment is able to handle any fruit or vegetable on the market today. We can inspect your produce for blemishes or bruises. We also analyze fruit based on weight, size, color, and a variety of custom features that you can set. We also design custom machinery so no matter what you were organizations needs, we can help you.


Our company is also proud to offer a tomato sorting machine. Our tomato sorting machine is able to quickly and carefully process this delicate piece of produce. While other tomatoes sorting machines might lead to damage to the product, ours not only quickly sorts tomatoes, but also do so in a way that keeps them safe.


In addition to tomatoes, we can help design machinery that sorts any produce on today's market. Whether fruit or vegetable, we have your back and can help you sort whatever your company sells. Our sorting machines can also be calibrated to sort the final product by weight or by packaging. This means that whether your product is sold in bulk or sold in individual boxes, we can help it reach your final customer faster and safer.


If you're looking for more information on a custom fruit or vegetable sorting machine or you'd like to know how our existing products can help your company, reach out to us today.

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