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Fruit Color Sorter

  An Apple Sorting Machine with an Eye for Color

Sorting fruit by color is one of the most effective ways to grade fruit. Color can help determine things like ripeness, any bruises on the fruit, and other defects with the product. A fruit color sorter can save you time and make your sorting process far more efficient. Our color sorters use an array of cameras to detect the color of the fruit. We can calibrate our sorters based on your company's needs in order to have your product sorted in the best way possible.


A fruit color sorter made by our company can be designed for your specific needs. Whether you have a small operation or you are a high-output company, we can design a machine that fits your needs. Our fruit color sorters can work on a variety of produce and have been specifically calibrated to the market standards of the wide variety of fruits available today.


We are proud to offer apple sorting machines. An apple sorting machine can help your company, or orchard, reach its target goals for fruit output. An apple sorting machine from our company can be calibrated to detect any of the variety of apples available on today's market. Whether those apples are green, red, pink, white or any other variation, our machines can handle and sort all of these apples.


When it comes to sorting apples, you know you can rely on our technology and our reputation for strong customer service. If your organization is looking to branch out or acquire a new apple sorter, get in touch with us today.

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