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Fruit Grading and Packing Machine

A Fruit Color and Size Sorter Combined with a Packing Machine

How do you sort your fruit?


Our fruit color and size sorter can handle a wide variety of fruit. Sorting fruit based on color and size is one of the industry's top standards for not only which fruits are acceptable to go to market, but also a company's internal standards. Our fruit color and size sorter can be custom calibrated to match your organization's needs. Each of our sorters is equipped with multiple cameras so each piece of fruit is analyzed from multiple angles. This means that each piece of fruit receives a close-up inspection by our machine before being sorted. This ensures the fruit that is sorted with our technology sorted with the highest accuracy.


After being sorted for size and color, fruit can then be packed. Our fruit grading and packing machine, like our other technology, can be custom calibrated to the standards of your company. Our technology is able to pack fruit by both weight and carton size. This means whether your organization sells fruit by the weight or sells prepackaged units, our sorters can help you meet customer fulfillment faster and more efficiently.


Making sure the fruit that your company sells matches your company’s standards is one of your highest priorities. Our fruit grading and packing machine can make sure that each piece of fruit that leaves your shop for arrives at your end customer’s doorstep in the condition they expect. Our machines are able to analyze fruit based on not only color, but also weight, size, and overall condition. Our fruit sorters are the top of the line and make sure your customers are always satisfied with the produce they receive from you.

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