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Support by Insight Sorters

At Insight Sorters we understand the need for a continuous operation of our machines.

We not only assist our customer in defining the best option for their produce, we do provide the required support to keep the machines in constant operation with an efficient support. 

We offer:

A)   During installation of the machines.

  • On-site operator training on correct operation of the machine and maintenance.

  • Operator are given the knowledge of the essential operation of the mechanical parts.

  • Correct maintenance of the machine.

  • The correct software operation and diagnosis of operation of the machine.

B)   After installation.

  • Remote diagnosis.

  • On-Line support where faults are diagnosed,  adjustments and advice to the previously trained operator.

C)  Spare parts.

  • A kit of basic spare parts is delivered with the equipment.

  • We constantly keep a stock of spare parts located in the nearest service location.

  • Shipping of spare parts. If necessary, they are sent to arrive at the destination by parcel service.

D)  Qualified Technician assistance.

The normality of the failures are by configuration of the equipment and they have a solution in level B. In the case a Technical Service, via internet or on site is required, a technician will be coordinated to assist. The cost will be adjusted for each particular case.

For TechnicalSupport:


Tel.  713-574-8010

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